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  • 6/18/2022 – For the first time, PK Move is offering its innovative Parkour + Falls Prevention Curriculum as a two-day online workshop!  On August 13th & 14th we’ll host our very first workshop over Zoom, covering parkour history, fundamental techniques and concepts, and how to translate them as falls prevention training for 3rd agers (50+).  We’re so excited to finally share this curriculum with like-minded fitness professionals who LOVE TO MOVE!  Check out to learn more!

  • 6/18/2022 – One down, seven to go!  Our first Summer Camp of 2021 is in the books!  5 days outside learning the fundamentals of play, teamwork, and recovery (yes, we made the kids stretch.  It wasn’t their favorite!).  We still have some spots open for the remaining camps.  Don’t miss out!  Register your little ninja at RPCA (type “parkour” into the search field).

  • 6/8/2022 – SUMMER CAMPS!!!  It’s almost time.  PK Move and RPCA present 8 weeks of “advanced recess” at Durant Arts Center in Old Town Alexandria.  5 days of parkour technique and awesome games like World Chase Tag to bring out your child’s inner ninja!  Last year we sold out every week, so sign up now at RCPA and type “parkour” into the search field!


The Science of Play

The Science of Play

If I told you there was a pill that could improve your mood, extend your lifespan by a decade, and reduce your chance of dying from any cause, you'd take it, right?  Of course you would.  Now, when I tell you that "pill" is exercise - which is proven to confer all...

I’m hurt.  I still need to move.  Now what?

I’m hurt. I still need to move. Now what?

It’s something nearly everyone experiences at some point in their lives - the sudden helplessness that accompanies an injured limb.  Minor tasks become ordeals.  You have to rely on others.  It’s humbling.  On top of this, maintaining a fitness routine, which takes...

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