PK Move is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that brings the transformative power of parkour to underserved populations.

About Us

Why Parkour?

We believe that play is an important aspect of physical, mental, and emotional health at every age.  Unfortunately, the modern world creates many obstacles to play – from accessibility and affordability to unhelpful or mixed messages around the purpose of exercise.

Parkour is the art of creative locomotion (moving from one place to another).  It doesn’t require money, equipment, or a special place to go.  The willingness to explore movement for its own sake is all anyone needs to enjoy getting stronger.  Ask any 3 year old!

By focusing on the most creative and useful aspects of movement and fitness, parkour connects individuals with their bodies in a way traditional exercise does not, and empowers them to use their entire world as a training environment.  Since 2015, PK Move has provided 100s of free and low-cost classes to underserved populations, including Title I schools and assisted living centers.

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