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Crawling, an underrated skill

Ninja Story Time

Parkour for everyone!

PK Move at Home

PK4Kids Programs
Our kids classes from ages 1-18 years come in many formats. PK4Kids programming includes a variety of curricula and special events for pre-schoolers, children, teens, and young adults. Perfect for schools, church/religious groups, scouts, neighborhood/civic organizations, birthday parties, play groups, day care, etc.

If we don’t have a program which fits your needs, our coaching staff, which includes an MEd, can custom design a new one for your school or organization. Before school, after school and in-school programs available. Past and current programs include:

  • Ninja Story Time
  • Summer Camp
  • Interdisciplinary/cross-curricular lesson plans (Science, Language Arts, ESL, PE, Social Studies, Math)
  • Fundraising and service projects
  • Intergenerational activities
  • Wellness Day Events

We are also available for assemblies, PBS programs, and team-building activities.  Special needs students welcome.

PK Move at Home

As the world contemplates going back outside, there are still preparations to be made.  Enter at-home parkour! 

These classes are offered free of charge in partnership with Alexandria RPCA. Please click here if you would like to make a donation to our non-profit.

PK Move at Home: Lesson One

PK Move at Home: Lesson Two

PK Move at Home: Lesson Three

PK Move at Home: Lesson Four

PK Move at Home: Lesson Five

PK Move at Home: Lesson Six

PK Move at Home: Lesson Seven

PK Move at Home: Lesson Eight

PK Move at Home: Lesson Nine

PK Move at Home: Lesson Ten

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