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PK Move COVID-19 Policy

Updated: 8/20/2021

**We will be closely monitoring the State of Virginia's decision to begin Phase III reopening this summer, and update our policy accordingly.**

1. Self-Check at Home is required before coming to any in-person class. This means verifying your child and no one in your home has the virus or symptoms of it. Take your temperature at home please. Do not come to class if your child or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms.

2. Check-In BEFORE your child joins the class - Talk to a coach and have your temperature taken. If the "check-in" spot is not staffed, you/your child must wear a mask and stay 6-feet back from others and wait there until you are cleared. You and your child must NOT enter the class area until you are checked in.

3. Hand sanitizer and/or hand washing is required at certain points of the day (Such as check in) and at the coaches’ discretion.

4. Social Distancing of 6’ is required.

5. Face coverings/masks are required at check in, breaks, pick up. They are not required during exercise as long as PK Movers are distanced 10’ from others outdoors. However, coaches may require that face masks are worn for the entire class; that is at their discretion. Indoors, masks are required at all times.

If your child is forgetting or refusing to adhere to these rules, the coaches you both about the requirements to attend class. If there is a second violation, your child will have to sit out and we will call you to pick up your child.

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