What People Are Saying About PK Move

"PK Silver© was helpful to me on my trip to Italy. At times, my friend and I would need to take a break and sit down, especially if we found stairs leading to a building. Sitting down was not the problem, but getting back up was often tricky. I realized I was using parkour to get up without help and, most importantly, to move beautifully, and I'd sometimes throw in a 'buon giorno' just for flair."


"In PK Silver©, adults over 50 enjoy low-impact movement outdoors. Instructors focus on the specific needs of this age group and use body-weight exercise to help them build strength, agility, and balance. The fun games and obstacle courses allow participants to recapture the playful spirit of childhood as well as increase strength."


"I became active with PK Move because my doctor recommended balance awareness and extra exercise. Being a gentleman of a certain age I need to get out and move my muscles or I'll just vegetate! I've met a lot of good people here. You don't get intimidated by the body-builders or the fashionistas. It's just a group having fun."


"On International Day of the Girl, look how you are sparking happier, healthier, and more learning-ready girls. Your support continues to generate amazing stuff happening with PK Move, among others. On behalf of all of us, thank you!!"


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