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Parkour is fall prevention? 

You bet it is.

What is Parkour?

Parkour is the art of moving through your environment in a fluid, efficient manner. 

What is PK Silver?

"In PK Silver, adults over 50 enjoy low-impact movement outdoors. Instructors...use fun games and obstacle courses that allow participants to recapture the playful spirit of childhood as well as increase strength. "

                       ~ IDEA Fitness Magazine

An evidence-based program for adults over 50 (no upper age limit with doctor's permission) includes movement games and obstacle courses.  In general, obstacles are at ground level or just above. Nothing is higher than the items you encounter in your own home on an everyday basis. Classes are 1-hour long and run for 8 weeks with a the addition of a short fitness test before and after. 

We train outdoors when possible and teach a blend of parkour,
creative movement and mindfulness for the purpose of falls
prevention and senior fitness. Public classes are listed on our
monthly calendar.  Private classes by arrangement.

How is PK Silver© "evidence-based?"

A study of PK Silver© was presented by Marymount University researchers at the American College of Sports Medicine 2019 World Summit. This was the first parallel, direct, IRB-study conducted on any parkour program anywhere in the WORLD. The study found PK Silver to safe and beneficial for older adults, 60-80 years old.

Fees vary depending on size of group, equipment needs, number of coaches needed, etc. please call for pricing. We also offer classes to those who move with assistive devices or are non-ambulatory. 

A PK Silver licensing agreement is available for qualified senior living communities and gyms. For more information, email 

Register here and bring:

• Comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather

• Signed waiver and health form

Sneakers or other flexible closed-toe shoes

A water bottle

A smile!

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Why does PK Silver© focus on fall prevention?

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among adults age 65 and older.

Fall death rates among adults age 65 and older increased about 30% from 2009 to 2018.

Lack of physical mobility and fear of falling are the two most common risk factors linked to falling.

These startling facts are the reason behind PK Silver.  Better physical health, which does reduce the risk of falling, can be obtained from any number of fitness programs for older adults, many of which are excellent.  Modified parkour, however, offers a deeper solution to a problem that is not just physical but also mental.  PK Silver is unique in its use of parkour's methodology for increasing locomotive capability and using physical obstacles to confront fear.

The skills and techniques in our program are derived from this method.

PK Silver is run by parkour coaches who have specialized training for teaching fall prevention to older adults.  All ability levels may participate and we have no upper age limits with doctor’s permission. PK Silver© is a recreational, small-group fitness program. Class size is limited to 15 with at least one coach per every 5 people. Join us to have fun and stay fit! 

Quint Steps

We can work in partnership with the local Parks and Recreation Department to meet in your neighborhood. Small-group exercise means more individual attention.

Lights and Parkour

We often use parkour-based movement and conditioning in combination with art to explore life, ultimately providing a catalyst for new resources of physical strength, creativity,  and spiritual inspiration in daily lives of our participants.

Private Senior Group

 We offer class in many formats: one-time demonstrations combined with a senior wellness tips  talks, weekly classes, and monthly classes. We have experience with participants using assistive technologies or in memory-care.  

Rubber Ducky Mascot at Park

As a non-profit, PK Move may qualify for a grant, donation, or other special funding arrangement to lower or elimate the cost of classes for your group. We also offer scholarships. 

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